Pikolo Espesso BAR

We found a great cafe near Place-des-Art Metro, called “Pikolo.” I was hesitant to introduce the cafe, because I wanted to keep it to myself as a secret place :P

The place is a bit hidden. You might pass by without noticing if you don’t know about it. It looks really small from the outside, but it’s actually surprisingly roomy! They even have a little “indoor terrace.”

My boyfriend got a large Cappuccino and I got a small Mochachino. We shared a chocolate croassant and a regular croassant. You will know the difference when you sip their coffee! You can really savour the flavour of the coffee.

The coffee and the atmosphere resembles that of Café Myriade. Apparently the owners are friends. That’s why!! There are many great cafes in Montreal, but I might have to say that Pikolo could be the favorite. It’s also really close to where we live and they make great coffee like Café Myriade. I’ll probably be going there more often!

They give you not only a great cup of coffee but also a relaxing atmosphere with that good espesso smell. If you are in Montreal, I would recommend that you pay a visit to Pikolo!

Pikolo Espresso BAR
-Opening Hours-
Mon to Sun : 7am to 7pm

Tel : (514) 508-6800
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  1. I love Pikolo too! Great brews, New York City feel and friendly staff. Lovely pictures btw!

  2. Tried a mocha there today – it was excellent. Great photos!

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