Coco Rico

If you feel like eating chicken, go check out Coco Rico! Here you can get the best Portuguese style chicken in Montreal.

It’s located on St-Laurent; right next to Schwartz’s. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while but I usually ended up at Schwartz’s instead :P

They also have pork and ham, but their specialty is chicken! My boyfriend and I got two “Trio ($7.25).” It’s basically a chicken sandwich with fried potato and salad. The chicken was so soft and the sauce (I think some kind of BBQ sauce) was really good! It’s a very simple taste, but I enjoyed it a lot!

We also got some”Natas” for desert. It wasn’t too sweet and it was really delicious! I recommend you to try it when you go there :)

You can also bring home a whole chicken or some grilled pork; a good alternative for those days when you don’t feel like cooking!

Coco Rico
3907 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC H2W

Tel : (514) 849-5554
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3 Comments to “Coco Rico”

  1. Oh, for the best portuguese chicken in Montreal, you absolutely have to try rôtisserie Romados, on Rachel and de Bullion! Half chicken with extra spicy sauce (very important, the sauce!) comes with excellent fries and is to die for. Better for take away though, because it’s tiny and always crowed with an infinite line-up :p (but totally worth it)

  2. Maybe you can ask a regular amount of spicy sauce instead of extra-spice sauce… you will still get the taste without the spice, hopefully. (because the sauce is really their homemade secret that makes people crazy ;))
    But I’ve once tried a normal one because we forgot to ask for the sauce, and it was really delicious too.

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