My boyfriend’s co-worker invited us to dinner at his recommended restaurant. We didn’t even check what kind of restaurant it was before we went, but we found out when we saw “Vegetarian Chicken” on the menu! Yes, it was a very popular vegetarian restaurant.

We sheared “Love Bags” for appetizers. They’re like dumplings/eggrolls; stuffed with potatoes and corn.

My boyfriend got some kind of vegetarian beef platter. (Don’t remember the name :P) They used teriyaki sauce on top, and it tasted like real meat! We were trying to guess what they used to make the vegetarian beef, but we still don’t know… It tasted good though!

I got “Pad Thai.” It wasn’t too spicy and I really liked it!

The restaurant’s atmosphere was very nice. Clean and everything, with an emphasis on dark colors/black (walls, table, chairs, the staff’s clothing, etc.). If you feel like vegetarian food, try Chuchai!

Plateau Mont-Royal
4094 Rue St-Denis
Montréal, QC H2W

(514) 843-4194
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