Buns Hamburger House

I like hamburgers, maybe even as much as the average Canadian, and I’ve been to a lot of burger places in Montreal. Yesterday, I was able to update the map of burger shops I’ve visited.

“Buns” is famous for cheap and good burgers (5$ for a regular burger)! I couldn’t find their history but it seems like they’ve been around for a while. They simply do burgers; there’s no extra toppings or fancy side dishes.

We went pretty early in the afternoon, so there were no other customers; a young lady was working there. She was on the phone while making our burgers. lol Yes, the service and cleanliness might not be the best, but it tastes good! Try Buns if crave some greasy “junk food!”

Buns Hamburger House
3673 Boul Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC H2X

Tel : (514) 759-7799
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6 Comments to “Buns Hamburger House”

  1. Try Burger De Ville, only the location at:

    59 Avenue Westminster Nord, Montreal-West, QC.

    Way cheaper and much better quality with an unlimited choice of toppings trust me your bf will not be disappointed as I think i can speak for any man. They are grilled and are extremly juicy the place is kind of small but the service is efficient and the food extremely fresh.

  2. P.S. They cook your burger to your desired doneness. I go for medium everytime :)

    • Thank you for your recommendation!
      I’ve read reviews about “Burger De Ville”, it seems like they have great hamburgers! I got hungry from the pictures… I should definitely try :)

  3. Anytime I love your blog and im going to Au Pied du Cochon after seeing that pork chop woooooooooooow its finally time to indulge. I find myself using google translate alot to find out what ur saying in Norweigan =)

    • Cool, did you already reserve the table for Au Pied du Cochon? I should go back there sometime, I have a few dishes I want to try!
      Hahaha, are you getting to know Norwegian a bit? I’m soooo glad that you like my blog. That makes me feel motivated :)

  4. Haven’t reserved yet probably will do so this week after I spread the word to some friends to see how many are coming, and yea I guess im learning more Norwegian than I ever thought i would hehe.

    Dined at Laurier Gordon Ramsay tonight, and hopefully Au Pied Du Cochon friday so it will be an amazing week full of experiences. Look forward to reading more about yours.

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