Aix Cuisine du Terroir

We were decided to go to Aix Cuisine du Terroir for our anniversary dinner.

It’s a french hotel restaurant in Old Montreal. We noticed it a few times as frequently walk through that area; it looked very nice, so we’ve been meaning to go there for a while.

The light were dimmed down and the atmosphere was good. We were seated at a big round booth; the seats seemed to be made for couple, so that you can sit next to each other.

My boyfriend got the “Tarte Fine de Chanterelles Sauvages” for starters. It was well balanced; crispy pie crust, topped with friend mushrooms and some greens, in a creamy root-vegetable sauce.

As for myself, I had the “Rillette de Crabe et Condiments;” cold crab rilettes, topped with apple jelly. Very unique… It wasn’t bad, but not my favorite.

For my main dish, I got “Tourtière de la Côte Nord.”

It was sort of like a shepherd’s pie, filled with deer, beef, pork and root vegetables. The meat was so tender and it was really good! I was able to taste the different kinds of meats at the same time.

He got “Côte de Veau de la Mauricie Grillée” for his main dish.

It was a big grilled veal chop on the bone. He liked it, but it was a little bit too fatty for him. Personally, I really liked it. The black olive sauce which came with it was also great.

I was sooooo full after I finished my dish, however, their dessert menu looked good; I couldn’t resist the temptation. We got “Gâteau au Fromage” and “Dégustation de Crèmes Brûlées” (Yes, two plates! :P)

Both desserts were fantastic! It’s a shame that I couldn’t enjoy it that much since I was already stuffed.

I had a really good time there. The service was great, the food was good, so was the price. It’s not cheap restaurant, but a great place for that special occasion!

Oh, and they have a pretty good wine list!

(Sorry about the blurry pictures. The restaurant was a bit too dark…)

Aix Cuisine Du Terroir
711 Cote De La Pl D’Armes
Montreal, QC H2Y

Tel : (514) 904-1201
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